Selection and process:

After being hand-picked during harvesting season, the coffee cherries are sorted using a flotation tank.  The cherries are immersed into a large tank of water, where the ripe fruit sinks to the bottom, unripe fruit floats to the top and is skimmed off to be processed separately. The whole process is called wet processed” of coffee includes depulping, fermentation, washing and drying the coffee bean.

The first step of the wet process is depulping, it means the outer pulp of the cherry is removed immediately after being harvested, then placed in fermentation tanks. Once the fermentation process has been completed (12-18 hours), the beans are washed in order to eliminate the mucilage from the bean. In this way the pulp is quickly separated from the mucilage and washed thus eliminating the risk of the bean acquiring any defective flavors.

When the coffee has gone through the wet process it is dried naturally through exposure to sunlight reducing the moisture content that ranges between 10% and 12%. Once the coffee seeds have been dried they are commonly mentioned to as parchment coffee, since they are still wrapped up in a protective parchment like yellow skin. After the wet beneficio and drying processes have been completed, the coffee grains are submitted to another process to as coffee hulling. This process serves to remove the parchment from the beans in order to obtain green coffee to be roasted.



Roasting and customers:

Once our coffee has been processed and is ready to roast, we take it to roasting company in Colombia. We roast small batches guaranteeing consumers a higher quality cup, consistency and freshness. We have available two different roast profiles (medium and dark). Also, we have available unroasted coffee packed at Origin in 55 ponds GrainPro-lined Box, and sample in 453 grams Ecotac bag.

Most of the customers are very proud of our coffee profile and quality, and given the primacy of coffee in our daily lives, MonteCielo coffee’s drinkers are expanding from Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Cotuit, Baton Rouge, New Jersey, Las Vegas, New York, Denver, San Antonio, and Dubai.